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Technology aimed at prevented texting while driving

When we get in our cars, there are some temptations that prove to be too strong to ignore. A wide open road may entice one driver to speed, while others may not be able to resist the urge to run a quick errand even though their license is suspended. However, one of the most common temptations behind the wheel is texting while driving. Even though it is a ticketable moving violation that can seriously affect a person's driving record, drivers can't seem to put their phones down.

Illinois drivers who continue to text are certainly not alone, and now some companies are trying to help them ignore the urge to quickly check their phone. While some people have taken it upon themselves to tuck their phone away or out of reach when they drive, others may want to take a more technologically-advanced approach to avoiding the temptation.

One of the newest products that can help drivers ignore their phone and focus on the road will cost users just over $100 and is called Cell Control. The device plugs into a diagnostic connector or data port and then a person's phone is disabled while the car is in motion. If drivers have a car that has Bluetooth capabilities, however, they will be able to answer a phone call.

There is even a clever solution for when a person receives a text while they are driving. Instead of alerting the person driving about the text, Cell Control alerts the sender of the text that the person is driving. A short text message is sent back to the sender that says that the recipient cannot respond because he or she is driving, and will respond at a safer time.

While the device is only available for Android and Blackberry phones right now, the company is hoping to have it available for Apple phones soon. In the meantime, parents and easily-distracted drivers may want to explore this and other products designed to cut down on distracted driving. Even though a citation for texting while driving can be pretty minor, any traffic violation can quickly turn into added charges.

Source: KHQA, "This will help you stop texting and driving," Chad Douglas, Aug. 9, 2012

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