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Obama's uncle has license reinstated

Being without a driver's license in Illinois is, understandably, very difficult. For any number of reasons, a person can lose driving privileges which can significantly affect his or her family, career and day-to-day routine. Rather than risk additional fines by driving with a suspended license, a person can try and have their license reinstated.

When a license has been suspended due to a drunk driving offense, for example, a person can either wait out the suspension or attempt to have even limited driving privileges reinstated. It is important to remember, however, that in cases of a DUI, a person only has 90 days to file for a DUI hearing. Alternatively, though, a person can try and wait out the suspension.

Waiting out a suspension may be a good idea for people who do not need to rely on personal transportation to get around. However, commonly, there are stories of drivers being cited for driving without a valid license. In most cases, these drivers have been pulled over for some minor infraction and wind up facing serious penalties when police realize a license is suspended or revoked. Rather than risk these penalties, attempting to have certain privileges reinstated could be a much better idea.

Recently, Barack Obama's uncle was cited for drunk driving. He had his license suspended for 45 days. Instead of waiting it out, though, he filed for a "hardship license." Under the terms of this license, driving privileges are restricted, but he was able to drive during certain hours. This type of restricted license could be very beneficial for people who work during hours when alternative transportation is unavailable.

Rather than taking chances by driving with a suspended license, it may be a good idea to work with an attorney who can work to have a license completely or partially reinstated.

Source: My Fox DFW, "Obamas uncle gets drivers license back after drunk-driving bust," May 15, 2012

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